Face & Back Paper

In Our Business, Waste Is Too Important To Waste

Our sister company, Republic Paperboard Company, LLC based in Lawton, Oklahoma, produces the face and back paper for American Gypsum's products. At Republic there's no such thing as waste. All the materials used in producing the paper are from waste sources.

Republic is 100% recycled/post consumer in their production process. Any scrap that is left over is re-introduced back into its production process. Whatever cannot be utilized by Republic is shipped off for use in alternative markets, such as cardboard tube manufacturing.

The entire process occurs in one of the most efficient paper mills in North America, where 100% clean-burning natural gas is used and large quantities of their waste water is used in Republic's dilution, showering and pulping processes. For water that is not recycled, Republic has a pre-treatment facility which discharges treated water that is consistently below the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) limit permitted by the city of Lawton.

With their use of waste products and recycled paper, Republic saves approximately 2.2 million trees each year.