SmartWay Transportation Partnership

Reduce Waste. Reduce Cost. Now That's A SmartWay To Do Business.

American Gypsum is a certified member of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, which means we are committed to making all of our logistical resources more efficient and more sustainable.

Participating in the SmartWay Transport Partnership means we commit to shipping at least 50% of our products with SmartWay Transport Carriers. That translates into more products shipped per truck and more efficient delivery with less wasted fuel and less money wasted.

To help us track our progress, we continuously analyze our environmental impact using the Freight Logistics Environmental and Economic Tracking (F.L.E.E.T.) Performance Model. This model allows us to calculate how much freight we can ship with SmartWay Transport Carriers, estimate the emissions and carbon impact of the goods we're shipping, and select carriers that can help us reduce the impact our transportation needs place on the environment.

Currently, we ship 65% of our products using SmartWay Transport Carriers. Our goal, in the very near future, is to ship every single product using SmartWay carriers.