Resources for Contractors

Resources for Contractors

  • SDS

    Safety Data Sheets for all of our products.
  • Submittal Sheets

    Submittal Sheets for all of our products.
  • LEED Contributions

    For your convenience, this area contains information on the environmental attributes of our products, regional maps of our manufacturing facilities, as well as the USGBC - LEED v3 categories related to our product lines.
  • Fire Rated Assemblies

    Use our AGDesignLibrary tool to search our database of UL approved fire rated assemblies.
  • Sound Rated Assemblies

    The AGDesignLibrary tool can help you find the proper assembly to achieve your desired STC rating.
  • Product Limited Warranty

    Downloadable product warranty information.
  • Gypsum Association Literature

    Downloadable literature related to Levels of Finish, Product Use, Proper Product Installation, etc.
  • Important Industry Links